#NatureCollectibles - Seychelles Magpie Edition
#NatureCollectibles - Seychelles Magpie Edition
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Blockchain, Crypto and Tech

The code for the NFT can be looked at here https://github.com/SustainabilityChain/NatureCollectibles 

it is deployed on a POA Clique EVM sidechain with ID421 and geth clients. If you would like to connect through a RPC please get in touch info@porini.foundation

if you would like to buy your collectibles with crypto please get in touch info@porini.foundation 

There are Porini Community Tokens available for the App and there are also Impact Dollars available for the App. Please order them directly by email at info@porini.foundation
There is a Techroadmap that includes Merkle-Bridges to xDai Chain and Ethereum Main Chain as well as a Blockexplorer and a publicly available RPC and Websocket. And last but not least there is Marketplace planned for reselling the Tokens.

How can I see my tokens:

use this tutorial here https://porini.foundation/how-can-i-see-my-nft-on-the-blockchain/

And if you like technology and digging deep: you can use remix.ethereum.org and the contract 0x26B402497607FB839A38b94361Cb60Bd8AE5B780  and the code here: https://github.com/SustainabilityChain/NatureCollectibles/blob/main/NatureCollectible.sol to interact with all functions of the smart contract. All you need to connect your metamask plugin to https://rpc.sustainabilitychain.ch ID 421 compile and deploy the contract on the address 0x26B402497607FB839A38b94361Cb60Bd8AE5B780